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A Little Catching Up and Shopping Your Stash

September has been a weird month for me. I had shoulder surgery in late August. It has been a long September around here, so my work as a quilter has not happened much this month. I can remove the sling this week, and physical therapy also starts this week. I have survived the recovery knowing that I will be glad to have had these repairs in the future, but I also had another little event that caused me to feel weird about my current situation. I turned a big round number this month. It didn't hurt as badly as I thought it might, or as badly as my shoulder has, but it did make me very aware of time--wasted time. Needless to say, I am ready for October, fall weather, and making all the things.

I don't have any grand finishes to show you right now, but they are all in different stages of completion and will be showing up soon. In the meantime, here is a little look at my favorite game--What if? I use this game when I teach my color class, shop my stash, and when I only like a few pieces of a collection. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Stitches


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I love the black! Very unexpected and adds some depth!

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