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Escape the Quilting Comfort Zone!

The comfort zone is a real thing for most of us. I know for me it is becoming more and more comfy all the time. But, sometimes we need to get away from the zone and try new things. It keeps us fresh, involved in life, and for goodness sakes-young! So what better time to try something new than spring?

A few weeks ago I started stepping out of my comfort zone in the quilting world and trying some things I had been putting off or avoiding. First, I joined a Block of the Month Class at All N Stitches, then I started a One Block Wonder, and finally, I joined QuiltTube and started my own YouTube channel. ( I have no affiliations with items I reference.)

I vowed off of BOM quilts years ago because I only did the ones that were shipped to your door, and I never did them. I have some neat things made from those fabrics, but not the quilts I intended. After a bitterly cold January and long stretches at home alone during the day, I decided I needed to get out of the house more often and visit with others in person, so I am doing a BOM at one of the shops I frequent, and I am meeting new people, making a fun quilt, and having new things to talk about with my Eddie. Win! Win! Win! My BOM fabrics! Island Vacation by Denise Burkitt for Free Spirit.

If you haven't seen One Block Wonder Quilts you are in for a treat. Last fall I bought the book, One-Block Wonders of the World by Maxine Rosenthal and Linda Bardes, as much for the eye candy as for the information. I had thought that these types of quilts would be so time-consuming and difficult that I would just admire them and not try one. One of my longarm friends was talking about facilitating a class this summer, and I remembered how much I love looking at them. I took a leap on February 29, and I am making one and planning two more. If you are considering making one, I suggest you watch a few videos and find a good book (pattern) to use as your guide. But seriously, so far they are not nearly as difficult as I had imagined.

If you scroll down on my home page, you will find a link to my YouTube channel. I have had the channel for several months, but I haven't done much with it. After hearing about QuiltTube by Stitching With the Sisterlies, I decided to give it a chance. If you like what you encounter there, please consider subscribing, liking, and/or commenting. One of the things that I like almost as much as quilting is talking about it. So right now the channel is just about what I am up to in my sewing studio. I would love to have conversations about quilts with all of you!

Happy Stitches


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