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In a Slump? Find a Great Pattern

It seems as though every so often I find myself in a sewing slump. I continue to sew and create, but it is slow and often not as joyful as usual. Does anyone else have these moments?

I have been in a slump for a few days, but I recently chatted with my quilting friend, Rhonda, who I met at a retreat at Quilting is My Therapy. Since our meeting, Rhonda has become a pattern designer. She has already released a few patterns under the company name--Prime Time Quilt Co. Several months back I did a little testing for her on a couple of patterns she had in the works. Peppermint Pinwheels and Urban Crossroads are beautiful and so much fun to make.

My version of Peppermint Pinwheels.

This week I offered to be part of a test group for Urban Crossroads again now that she is about to release the pattern for purchase. I am so excited to make this quilt in my own fabrics and share it with the "social" world. I already feel the slump lifting.

Rhonda loves flying geese units and because of her, I do too now. The geese units in patterns used to make me fly away. I never felt like my birds fell into formation correctly. However, Rhonda turned me on to the Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Tool and with repetitive use for her pattern, I too can fly through the production. I just know this pattern is going to break my slump. It is beautiful. It has great "flyers." It is well-written, and fabric choice allows the maker to create something unique and personal.

The takeaway here is that when you are in a slump or finding it hard to get through your WIPs and UFOs maybe you need to find a new pattern by a new designer with a fresh eye! If you just can't start it immediately, set the pattern where you can see it frequently--like dangling a carrot! I suggest Rhonda Canning at Prime Time Quilt Co, but in all honesty, just new to you might do the trick.

How do you break your sewing slumps? Have you purchased a Prime Time pattern? Which one? Leave comments below and let's help each other out.


Patterns by Rhonda---To Points Unknown and Peppermint Pinwheels. Watch for Night Music and Urban Crossroads to be released soon. She will be launching her website as well. Look for her!

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