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New Year, New Quilts, New Classes, New Gratitude, New???

The calendar year of 2022 proved to be a pretty successful year for Words & Stitches. My personal quilt designs and classes attracted some interest, my booth at Opera House Antiques and Uniques started pulling a little weight, my longarm department gained a few customers, and the classes I took were fantastic, However, once again we have crossed over into another year, and I have not met my goal to be better at posting more regularly. As I beg myself for forgiveness, I realize that I have something better to do with time today and that is to thank each and every one of my readers, patrons, and students for coming back again and again and waiting patiently for me to post something worthwhile or advertise a new design or class. It means a great deal to me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Currently, I am working on finishing up some quilt designs, developing some new classes, and learning how to add purchasable patterns and goods to this site. Going forward, I hope to also figure out how to offer video tutorials and classes, and of course, I want to get better at blogging more often.

I hope each of you is excited about your sewing year and finding so many new projects to keep you happy as we travel through 2023. Please continue to check in often and look for classes and ideas here in my tiny little corner of the world!

I wish you happiness, good health, and fabulous stitches for this new year!

Happy Stitching


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Delores Woodhurst
Delores Woodhurst
06 de jan. de 2023

I love this! A wise friend of mine once said that we should give ourselves permission for not doing it all. I look forward to seeing how your business grows in the new year!

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