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Relax with Hand Stitching

I believe there is nothing more relaxing and rewarding than sitting for a spell and doing a little handwork. I love all types of hand stitching. I sew, knit, crochet, cross stitch, and needle-felt wool, and I am willing to try almost any creative endeavor at least once. I am one of the few people I know who still hand stitches my binding to the back of my quilts. I love it, and don't want to give it up or see these types of creative processes go by the wayside.

During the recent cold snap we have had here in Missouri, I found time and reason to dust off my English Paper Piecing skills and supplies and do a little extra fun stitching. I have enjoyed it completely--so much so that I have visions of many project creations of my own for the future. In the meantime, however, I will be using some Sue Daley Designs to facilitate a class in EPP at All N Stitches, in New Florence. If you are looking for a portable project, a way to add embellishments to your other fabric creations, a new hobby, or have always wanted to try EPP, this is the class for you. I will show you the process, help you get started, provide you with the information you need to finish your project, and give you some tried and true tips I have learned from others in my journey with EPP.

I am thrilled to have the chance to assist others in learning the art of EPP. You can find the list of classes available at All N Stitches, and I invite you to join me on March 26! Additionally, please take a look at my patterns. I have a delightful table topper or wall-hanging pattern that uses EPP as an embellishment.

Happy Stitching


NOTE: EPP is the process of using paper templates to develop designs, which are handstitched and used in all sorts of fabric projects--stitched quilts, applique pieces, other embellishments, etc.

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Jan 28

I love your fancy stitches

Replying to

Thank you! Embellishing EPP is so easy and adds so much!

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