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Time to Master the Curve!

I have managed to avoid the beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt designs for 23 years. I love them, but I never feel like I have the skill level to make one. I love good sharp points and revel in my own joy when my points are terrific in my work. I feel very skilled at points and corners. I have done a few curved blocks over time, but I have never really considered curved piecing as something I have mastered. The DWR requires curves. So what's a quilter to do? Well, this quilter decided it is time to stop that nonsense talk and get to making one.

Over the next few months, with some gorgeous fabric stash, and a little help from Judy Niemeyer , I will be making a small one. Here is where I am in the process at the moment. Just look at all that Tilda beauty. Gosh! I love Tilda fabrics, and I am enjoying using Judy Niemeyer's paper piecing patterns to make my units look so good and go together easily.

Have you made a DWR? Did you paper piece it? Please join my site and share your ideas and processes. I will be sharing my work periodically. Let's have a conversation about our quilting journeys.

Talk soon. Happy stitching!


PS. Watch for big surprises in the near future.

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Those Tilda fabric pieces will make a beautiful quilt top!

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