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I want to show you my favorite tool for making binding. Binding is often the task so many people do not like to do. They either dislike wrestling the quilt around on their domestic to attach it, fussing with corners and seam alignments when stitching the seams when using a machine to finish it, or the handwork if that is their method of choice when finishing the task. Then, if we add in the multiple short little seams and fiddley pressing to make the binding itself, this task can seem quite daunting. (P.S. I really like to sew the binding down by hand. Yes! I admit that I enjoy it!)

I love to use this little ruler when binding a quilt. It is a Folded Corner Clipper by Creative Grids. I love the way my binding comes together when I use it. I use it to cut off selvages, make straight edges, cut my angle, and prep for sewing.

I also like that it has a variety of increments marked so I can vary my binding sizes--I prefer 2 1/4"--and I also use it in multiple other ways. For example, I use it when marking diagonal lines, clearing up seam allowances, making quick size checks and the like. I keep it by my domestic all the time.

I didn't give you instructions or captions today, but I hope that by looking at the pictures you can see a little something about how helpful it can be. I always love my binding better when I use it.

Happy Stitches


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