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What Makes a Quilt

What makes a quilt a beautiful thing? Is it the old adage about beauty being in the eye of the beholder? Is there a set of rules that one must adhere to make a beautiful quilt? Workmanship? Color choices? Stitching? The answers to these and other questions are probably more numerous and diverse than we can imagine.

For me, the beauty of the quilt lies with the maker. Additionally, the eye of the receiver adds to that beauty. I have been piecing and quilting with one method or another for 25 years. I have yet to make or see a quilt in which beauty cannot be found! Sure some are not my best work, while others move me to tears when I finish them because they are so beautiful, or I am thrilled to finish them...but I have yet to think my quilts are not attractive and lovely. I have yet to see any quilt made by anyone that I cannot find beauty in--color, stitching, workmanship, and let's not forget purpose. I am pretty sure the sheer magic of receiving a quilt from another is beautiful all on its own.

Quilters are makers, artists, creatives, and givers. We stew over patterns, colors, prints, scales, and styles, and we are our own worst critics. So, I will leave you with this--What makes a quilt is the three layers of fabrics and the stitches that hold them together. Despite the fact that I facilitate a workshop on fabric selection and color, I truly believe what makes them beautiful are the makers and the receivers.

Happy Stitches


P.S. Thank you to all who attended and participated in my workshop, "The Color of Quilts." I had a terrific time and learned as much as I hope you did!

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