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Foundation Paper Piecing and Magenta Update.

My goodness, it is already February. It is hard to believe that January has passed. February brings so many things that I love--more winter, a promise of spring, and the Super Bowl! I am particularly happy about this year's SB since my Chiefs will be playing! I am getting handwork projects ready for that day, so when the game gets intense, I can keep myself in check! LOL!

While watching playoff games and staying warm, I have done quite a bit of foundation paper piecing this past month. I find that I enjoy the initial sewing and such, but I do find the sewing together and paper removal to be a little fiddly and fussy.

However, the beautiful points and overall outcomes are worth it. So, I am working on the binding and piecing of another quilt using the same paper foundations in preparation for a class I will be teaching on March 4th at Abby's Quilt Shop in Centralia, MO. If you would like to join us, please let Abby know. AND! If you haven't been to Abby's yet, it is worth the trip.

I have been noticing that there seems to be a lot of talk about the waste involved with paper piecing. I agree that there is some significant waste, but I have found that you can adjust your cutting of fabric as you get comfortable with the papers and instructions that you are using. It won't change the paper issue, but it will save on fabric in some cases quite markedly. Just be careful that you make your changes in cutting incrementally so you don't over-trim the first time out.

In addition to paper piecing, I went on a search for some new fabric for one of my next projects. I found some terrific Figo fabrics (no affiliation) at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop in Brunswick, MO. I also found some silk thread I love as much as the fabric. What color you may be asking--varied colors with hints of MAGENTA! I must confess that I am finding it very difficult to pick out any true magenta, but I do love what I have found in this piece. I am calling it a member of the magenta family.

I am looking forward to using these two pieces and a few more from the collection, Local Honey by Heather Bailey.

Well, that is all I have time for today because I need to get to sewing. I hope you will leave me a comment about your adventures with paper piecing and shopping for certain colors!

Happy Stitches


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