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Life and a Few Favorite Paper Piecing Tools.

It has been quite the whirlwind of activity around here lately. Last weekend was a good one. I was able to take a class at one of my favorite little shops along the Highway 36 Quilt Trail. If you haven't been there yet, you should check out Stitch & Clip in Lentner, MO. Cheryl is a lovely host, and her shop is packed with fantastic notions and fabric collections. She also holds terrific classes. I always enjoy her and her shop.

In addition to some "me" time, I also had some of my favorite guests. One of my sons and his boys came to watch the Super Bowl with us. We were all so excited when our KC Chiefs won. I knew it would be a nail-biter, and I wasn't wrong. This prompted my husband to whisk the two of us off to KC for the parade midweek. It was a long cold day, but worth seeing at least this once.

Throw in a faulty furnace, a trip to the dentist, and now a bout with strep, and you have quite a week!

As I have laid on the couch recuperating and watching my favorite YouTubers these last few days, I have thought a good deal about my favorite foundation paper piecing tools. In keeping with our ongoing look at FPP and EPP and color and .... all the stuff, I thought I might share.

  1. I love my Add-A-Quarter rulers by CM Designs. I keep them very close to my workspaces and use them regularly. My favorite is the 2" X 6" pink one, but they also come in various other sizes.

  2. The second tool on my list is my open-toed presser foot. It is so helpful to me because it allows me to see the stitching lines clearly. This keeps me far more accurate than my other presser feet. It is worth the price if your machine has the foot or the capability to use a universal foot.

  3. My third tool is a smaller needle. I know that sounds like an odd thing but it makes a difference for me. I typically use an 80/12 or 90/14 for my general piecing and sewing needs. When I paper piece, I have started using a 75/11. The smaller needle shaft and shorter stitch length (1.5) perforate the paper better and make paper removal so much easier. And the smaller needle scarf works nicely with my 50 weight thread.

Just a reminder that I have no affiliation with the products I suggest. I just like them and like to share.

What are some of your favorite sewing tools? Leave me a comment and let's start a conversation.

Happy Stitching


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1 Comment

Delores Woodhurst
Delores Woodhurst
Feb 20, 2023

You had a busy week--lots of fun and lots of sickness. Hopefully you'll feel better again soon.

I love my rotary cutter, and I also love my Clover Point 2-Point Turner. It is helpful for getting corners straight, and I also us to to flatten seams instead of running to the ironing board all the time. It reminds me of the "scoring" tool I used to use to fold scrapbook paper.

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